How much is your blog worth?

Fri October 21, 2005 at 20:30 | Posted in Curiosity, internet, website | Leave a comment

Ever wondered how much you could gain from selling your blog?

Well, I guess not many people could be interested in a personal blog, but just to start dreaming, Business-opportunities can value your blog.


Learning C++ and Java… with a board game!

Wed October 19, 2005 at 12:15 | Posted in Curiosity, website | 2 Comments

Now you no longer need to study those thousand pages’ books to (try to) learn programming languages.
All you need is a table, a few friends and this Computer Programming Board Game.
Computer Programming Board Game
If only I could be a kid again!

via PopGadget

100 oldest .com domains

Tue October 18, 2005 at 17:55 | Posted in Curiosity, internet | 15 Comments

Just think that the first .com domain ( has been registered on March 15th 1985. It’s a little older than 20yrs.
While the first I know ( was born on January 9th 1986.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. 15-Mar-1985 SYMBOLICS.COM
  2. 24-Apr-1985 BBN.COM
  3. 24-May-1985 THINK.COM
  4. 11-Jul-1985 MCC.COM
  5. 30-Sep-1985 DEC.COM
  6. 07-Nov-1985 NORTHROP.COM
  7. 09-Jan-1986 XEROX.COM
  8. 17-Jan-1986 SRI.COM
  9. 03-Mar-1986 HP.COM
  10. 05-Mar-1986 BELLCORE.COM

Here’s the full list.

via BoingBoing

Broken bookcase

Tue October 18, 2005 at 11:23 | Posted in Curiosity, Funny | Leave a comment

It really looks like a broken bookcase

Broken bookcase

but if you fill it with books it looks very nice!

Broken bookcase with books

You can find it here.

via BoingBoing

Misspelled auctions on eBay

Sun October 16, 2005 at 20:27 | Posted in Curiosity, Trick, website | 3 Comments

Everybody makes mistakes.

But if an eBay seller misspells the name of the item he wants to sell, it will be very difficult to get some offers.

But now this site can help.

Just enter the correct word (Nokia, Disney etc) and it will search eBay for items on sale that have misspelled names of what you inserted (Mokia, okia, nikia etc).

So the seller will get some offers, and you will get the item at a very cheap price!

Who invented Spaghetti?

Thu October 13, 2005 at 11:55 | Posted in Curiosity | 1 Comment

Who invented Spaghetti?

I hope you all answered ITALIANS!

But it seems that some chinese cooked some about 4000 years ago.

They don’t look very tempting, but hey, age works for everything!

4000yrs old Spaghetti

Anyway, Italians “cook” it better!!

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